Do you have what it takes to get the coveted Yoshinoya sauna set?

Yoshinoya has always stood as a symbol of simplicity in eating. There are no clowns or gimmicky menu items here. Maybe the occasional Pokémon figure, but that’s it!

So, when they come out with a whole line of themed merch, from key chains to sauna kits, it’s a big deal. From 25 July, Yoshinoya began the Gyupo! campaign in which users of the official Yoshinoya app can earn one Gyupo! point per order over 300 yen ($2.20) per day.

The items you can get are arranged in tiers based on the total number of Gyupo! points. It’s a fairly impressive lineup too, so let’s take a look at what’s up for grabs.

5 Points
– Coupon for half off regular beef bowl

10 Points
– Coupon for a free regular beef bowl
– Coupon for 500 yen ($3.66) off at the Yoshinoya online shop
– 3 plastic file folders

20 Points
– Coupon for 1,000 yen off at the Yoshinoya online shop
– 1,000 yen Yoshinoya digital gift
– Yoshinoya original beef bowl key chain

35 Points
– Coupon for 1,500 yen off at the Yoshinoya online shop
– 1,500 yen Yoshinoya digital gift
– Yoshinoya original wakasa lacquerware chopsticks

50 Points
– Coupon for 2,000 yen off at the Yoshinoya online shop
– 2,000 yen Yoshinoya digital gift
– Yoshinoya original stationery set

70 Points
– Coupon for 3,000 yen off at the Yoshinoya online shop
– 3,000 yen Yoshinoya digital gift
– Yoshinoya original sauna set
New Japan Pro Wrestling collaboration T-shirt (large size)
– 12-box set of Yoshinoya miniature collection 2nd series

There’s something for everyone from fans of collectables to people who just want just want to save money in the form of coupons and gift certificates. There are even items for fans of Japanese pro-wrestling as well as model and TV personality Nicole Fujita, who’s currently serving as spokesperson for the restaurant chain and appears prominently on the 10-point file folders.

▼ Sadly, no word on how to get her sweet smartphone case though

However, here’s the catch: The campaign only runs for 100 days, until 1 November, and it’s only possible to get one point per day. That means that in order to get the highest tier of items, you’d need to eat Yoshinoya at least once in 70 of the next 100 days.

One advantage is that on the 29th of each month two points will be issued instead of one, because in Japanese “2” and “9” can be read as “ni-ku” which means “meat.” However, even with that on your side it’ll require a high level of dedication to eating Yoshinoya to be able to get a wrestling tee or even some beef bowl stationery.

Even for those of us at SoraNews24 who have been known to knock back quite a few beef bowls, it’s a pretty tall order. So, if you’re ever in a public bath or sauna and see someone pull out an official Yoshinoya wash basin, know that you’re in the presence of greatness.

Source, images: PR Times
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