Meet the colourful cast of characters and cosplayers who brought the heat to this summer’s otaku celebrations. 

This past weekend was a big one for otaku in Japan, as Summer Comiket returned to the Tokyo Big Sight convention centre for the first time in three years. The event brought together thousands of doujinshi — independent manga and anime art creators — and their fans, as well as a large number of cosplayers, some of whom were able to debut character outfits from new anime and manga series that didn’t exist at the time of the last Summer Comiket in 2019.

So the mood was electric and everyone was all smiles at the second day of the event on 14 August, when our reporter Egawa Tasuku popped by to photograph some of the best Comiket cosplayers. According to the Comic Market Preparation Committee, 552 men and 1,695 women were registered to cosplay on Day Two, with 85,000 visitors in attendance. While there were some classic characters in the cosplay area, there were a number of new faces, and a couple of hilariously surprising ones too.

So let’s get to it and take a look at some of the best characters and cosplayers from the day!

▼ R93 from Girls Frontline | Cosplayer: @eggpompom

▼ Eula from Genshin Impact | Cosplayer: Ureu Folia (no social media account) 

▼ Gawr Gura from Hololive English | Cosplayer: @aico_lycoris

▼ Hatsune Miku | Cosplayer: @nemu_ichii

▼ Rem from Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World | Cosplayer: @sakuraiemilia25

▼ Vil Schoenheit from Disney Twisted-Wonderland | Cosplayer: @nyaobbi

▼ Master Roshi from Dragon Ball | Cosplayer: @orezyagi

▼ Yanfei from Genshin Impact | Cosplayer: @fiyorunordic

▼ Houshou Marine from Hololive | Cosplayer: @h_e_pita

▼ Sora Kasugano from Yosuga no Sora | Cosplayer: @rinyanpassan

▼ Mami Tomoe from Puella Magi Madoka Magica | Cosplayer: @air_po_rt

Yoshiko Tsushima from Love Live! Sunshine!! | Cosplayer: @cure_cosplay

▼ Pikachu from Pokémon | Cosplayer: @AdmiralSniper

▼ You wouldn’t want to catch this Pikachu in a dark alley.

▼ Uncle from Uncle from Another World  | Cosplayer: @hansyu728

Uncle was one of our favourite characters at the event, especially when he had a momentary crossover moment with Gold Ship from Uma Musume Pretty Derby (@hardmozaiku).

So there you have it — the best cosplayers from Day Two of Summer Comiket! Some were funny, some were zany, but all of them were absolutely fabulous, and they did well to cope with the heat of the day, particularly while outside in wigs and full-coverage costumes.

The return of Summer Comiket and its dedicated cosplayers has us now looking forward to Winter Comiket, which is due to be held at the end of December. Until then, feel free to scroll through this collection of cosplay photos from Day One of the event, and fingers crossed nothing gets in the way of the winter festivities!

Photos ©SoraNews24
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