Furious Rajang, awesome bedmate?

The Monster Hunter video game franchise is filled with imaginative creature designs, but developer Capcom wasn’t trying to be clever when they named the Furious Rajang. Introduced in Monster Hunter World and returning for Monster Hunter Rise’s Sunbreak expansion, the Furious Rajang is similar to the ape/oxen-like Rajang, except that it’s angry all the time, as evidenced by its always-golden fur, a color the species shows when enraged.

And when we say the Furious Rajang is angry all the time, we mean all the time, as there’s now evidence that it’s pissed off even when it’s sleeping.

Yes, even in slumber, the Furious Rajang is still furious. With the Tokyo Game Show coming up next month, Capcom is previewing some of the merch it’ll be offering at the event, and the most eye-catching of all is the Sleeping Furious Rajang Cushion. Measuring 90 centimeters (35.4 inches) long, the monster has a contented look on its face and a hand on its stomach, looking every bit as peaceful and relaxed as a Pokémon Snorlax in the middle of a midday nap.

As for how to use the Sleeping Furious Rajang Cushion, that’s up to you. In addition to a back rest or lap pillow, it’s plenty big enough to curl up with as a huggy pillow, and its substantial size and unnerving level of detail give it presence enough to visually dominate any room it’s placed in as an interior decoration.

▼ It definitely looks like the Furious Rajang is the one granting permission to the lowly human to sit on the sofa, not the other way around.

The Tokyo Game Show runs from September 15 to 18, but for anyone who’s unable to attend this event, you can also hunt down the cushion through the Capcom online store here, where pre-orders are already open at a price of 26,400 yen (US$195). Delivery is scheduled for February 9, showing that the Furious Rajang isn’t only angry, but apparently punctual too.

Source: E-Capcom via Hachima Kiko
Images: E-Capcom
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