Cool nods to your favorite characters from a popular anime and manga series!

If you’re a fan of Hunter X Hunter, the long-running, frequently on hiatus anime/manga franchise, then you’ll want to know about this! Fashion brand Samantha Vega has teamed up with the popular anime and manga franchise for a set of super cool character-based accessories!

The new collaboration is having a special pre-release online and at a Samantha Vega Pop-up Shop in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro Parco department store starting on January 19, and features a collection of colorful accessories for six of the manga’s popular characters. Each of the sets contain a smartphone shoulder bag (14,300 yen [US$99]), shoulder bag (19,800 yen), fold-up wallet (15,400 yen), multi-purpose case (12,100 yen), zipper charm (3,850 yen), and bag charm (4,950 yen), and two of the sets also have a handbag (19,800 yen).

They are all decorated with colors and motifs that represent each character. For example, the set featuring main character Gon is all green, based on his iconic green hair and outfit, with the same orange accents as on his clothing.

The handbag is printed with the Hunter x Hunter logo on the front, while the back has a golden silhouette of Gon. It comes with a pouch designed to look like a Hunter License. The back of the smartphone shoulder bag has a tiny pocket with the Hunter Association emblem on it, and the zipper of the shoulder bag has Gon’s examinee number (405). The zipper and bag charms feature Gon’s backpack, a Hunter License, and the Hunter Association mark as well.

Killua’s collection is similar in design, but comes in lavender.

The handbag and shoulder bag are printed with purple lightning designs to simulate his skills Thunderbolt, Lightning Palm, and Whirlwind. On his zipper charm and bag charm are his trademark purple yoyo, as well as lightning bolts.

A mixture of navy and royal blue colors Kurapika’s set, which contains six items different from Gon’s and Killua’s.

His set doesn’t come with a handbag, so the smartphone shoulder bag features Kurapika’s silhouette with his skills Holy Chain and Judgment Chain, which are also the main design of the zipper and bag charms. The shoulder bag features a print inspired by Kurapika, and its zipper has Kurapika’s examination number, 404.

Leorio’s set also contains six items, but his are decorated with navy blue, black, and red.

The red and black comes from the diamond pattern on the suitcase he carries, and it features heavily on the smart phone shoulder bag and the shoulder bag. That suitcase, as well as his glasses, are also the focal points of the zipper and bag charms.

The six items in Hisoka’s collection are all hot pink and neon blue to replicate his hair and outfit.

They feature the spider logo of the Phantom Troupe, as well as Hisoka’s trademark playing card motifs.

Last to be represented is Chrollo, whose items are colored with black and dark purple to match his clothes.

The smart phone shoulder bag, shoulder bag, wallets, and two charms are decorated with spiders (for the Phantom Troupe), upside-down crosses, and a handprint for his signature skill, Skill Hunter.

In addition to these six collections, there will also be some limited-edition apparel items. One is a one-size-fits-all hoodie that comes in two styles (14,300 yen each). Both have the Hunter x Hunter and Samantha Vega logos on the front, but you have a choice of either Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio or Hisoka and Chrollo on the back.

There will also be one-size-fits-all T-shirts (7,700 yen) which have similarly divided designs on the back but have either the Hunter Association emblem (for Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio) or the Phantom Troupe logo (for Hisoka and Chrollo) on the front.

All of these items will go on sale at the Pop-up Shop and on the Samantha Vega official online store from January 19 to 25, and the next day they’ll be available at Samantha Vega shops all across Japan. The hoodies and T-shirts, however, will be sold only in limited quantities so you’ll want to act fast to get one! And as a bonus, anyone who buys a Hunter x Hunter collaboration item will also get a special sticker, while supplies last.

So on January 19 or 26 be sure to stop by Samantha Vega to get one of these cool nods to your favorite character. And while you’re there don’t forget to check out their equally stylish Jujutsu Kaisen accessories.

Source: Netlab via PR Times
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