“150 Years of Japanese Uniforms” illustrated encyclopedia is now on sale

These gorgeous illustrations of workers’ uniforms over the past century and a half is sure to charm lovers of seifuku [uniforms] everywhere!

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Everything you wanted to know about girls’ school uniforms in Japan 

School uniforms bring back memories of our bitter-sweet childhood days. In Japan, however, they aren’t just clothes, they’re symbols of “seishun” (youth) and a big part of the country’s culture. Girls in Japan love their school uniforms, and there are fans of Japanese school uniforms all over the world.

We know you love these cute school uniforms too, but do you really know everything about them? Here’s everything you need to know to be an expert on Japanese school uniforms.

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Things are looking up! The skirt-flipping calendar is here!

Japanese males, from a young age, seem to be obsessed with the idea of flipping up a pleated skirt. At long last, there is a product, which unapologetically caters to that desire that has long been repressed. The name of that product is: “Skirt-Flipping Calendar 2015” (Sukaato mekuri karendaa 2015).

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