Can Morescue rescue our reporter from his more concerns?

A couple months ago, we did a survey of what brand of underwear all the dudes in the SoraNews24 office wear (since, you know, we gave up on trying to be a “normal” office a long time ago). The overwhelming favorite was Uniqlo’s Airism line, and that’s what our Japanese-language reporter Takashi Harada slips into pretty much every day.

Recently, though, he switched things up and spent the day in a pair of Morescues.

You see, Takashi, not unlike a lot of other mature gentlemen, has reached an age in his life where he has to deal with, let’s call it “occasional frontal leakage.” Not enough to give a medical test sample, but enough drips and drops that his desired traits for his underwear have expanded from just soft, smooth fabric and affordable price to include “quickly absorbs pee.” That last one is exactly what Morescue promises, as the brand’s name is a mashup of the Japanese word “moreru” (meaning “to leak”) and the English “rescue.”

▼ Specifically, these are Morescue’s Choinure Taio (“Mild Pee-Use”) underwear.

When first taken out of their packaging, the Morescues (which are priced at 878 yen [US$6.80], even less than Takashi’s customary 990-yen Airisms) look like an ordinary pair of underwear. Turn them inside out, though…

…and there’s an additional layer of extra-absorbent material at the crotch of the otherwise all-cotton underwear. Morescue makes a special point of telling you that the material for this section is “made in Japan” on the packaging, and while you could say there’s a tinge of xenophobia in the marketing, Japan does have a reputation for high-quality consumer products and components, and wanting to apply that reputation to provide piece of mind about something that’s going to be in direct contact with the skin of your shaft is understandable.

▼ 日本生産地 = Made in Japan

To start, Takashi decided to do a side-by-side test of the Morescues and his regular Airisms.

This did, however, present a logistics dilemma, as well as a basic human decency one. In order to accurately compare their drying speeds, Takashi needed to moisten them both at the same time, so using his own parts/pee was off the table. Also, while we’ve shown some pretty freaky stuff on our website, we actually do draw the line at pictures of our urine-speckled underpants. So to resolve those issues, Takashi used a spoon.

▼ And by that we mean a spoon full of water, not a spoon he peed in.

After turning both pairs of underwear inside out, he poured water onto their crotch areas, and the difference was remarkable. The Morescues barely felt damp at all, with the special crotch fabric absorbing the liquid so quickly that not even a drop spread to the normal-cotton parts of the underpants. In an hour, they were completely dry, whereas the Uniqlo underwear took roughly two hours to dry, with a large part of the frontal area feeling disturbingly damp and icky for most of that time.

With the lab test finished, it was time for Takashi to move on to field testing, so he put the Morescues on and went about his business. To his pleasant surprise, the extra crotch material doesn’t feel bulky or restricting. If he hadn’t already known it was there, he wouldn’t have been able to guess just from the way the underwear fit.

In time, Takashi went to the bathroom to pee, and sure enough, after he thought he was finished, pulled his pants back up, and left the restroom, a few more drops decided to leave his bladder. He didn’t try to fight the sensation, and the Morescues performed just as well as they had in the spoon-of-water test, rapidly absorbing the liquid and leaving him dry and comfortable.

Really, the only negative thing Takashi has to say about his new underwear is that some of the seams seem a little movement-restricting if he really tries to spread his legs. That could just be because it’s a new pair, though, and even if it’s not, Morescue also makes looser-fitting styles than the pair he tested.

So all in all, Takashi is pretty happy with this addition to his wardrobe. Not that he plans to pee with impunity while wearing them, but it’s good to know if the call of nature is more urgent than he can answer in time, he’s got an extra line of support down there, and one that’s a lot more practical than a grown man trying to pee into a baby-size diaper.

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