All Nippon Airways

Trying 4 of Japanese airline’s retort curries, including ones served in first-class

ANA really doesn’t fool around with flavor.

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Behind the counter: what it’s like to work as All Nippon Airways ground staff【Video】

An exclusive sneak peek for the curious and airplane fans!

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With no passengers, Japanese airline fills every seat on plane with masks and medical supplies

Coronavirus is keeping people at home, but supplies still need to move.

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New ANA air pass with unlimited Japanese house rentals, multiple flights now taking applications

An amazingly affordable way to see Japan and live like a local.

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ANA to offer Japan domestic air pass with multiple flights and unlimited accommodations provided

Skipping the Shinkansen lets you spend as many nights as you want in off-the-beaten-path Japan.

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Japanese airline pilot fails alcohol breath test one hour before he was scheduled to fly

ANA Wings employee grounded as his breath keeps him from taking to the skies.

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A ‘Star Wars’-themed jet is flying across the world — here’s what it looks like inside

Japanese airlines All Nippon Airways (ANA) has teamed up with Disney to create an in-air experience that’s perfect for the ultimate “Star Wars” fan.

Covered in an R2-D2-like designs and a “Star Wars” logo on the outside, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft also has some fun galactic details inside, such as customized headrests, cups, and lighting. While in the air, passengers can even stream all six of the currently released “Star Wars” films.

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Starbucks & ANA Bring You a Coffee Tumbler So Cute, You’ll Forget About the Price…Oh Wait, It’s 50 Bucks…

ANA (All Nippon Airlines), Japan’s largest airline, has teamed up with Starbucks to release a limited edition stainless steel coffee tumbler.

With it’s clean white color and charming little whale/rainbow combo, you can’t help but scream, “IT’S SO CUTE!!!”  One of our reporters was so enthralled with the cuteness of this limited edition tumbler, that she stopped an unsuspecting bystander and demanded to know where she procured such an adorable item.

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