Japanese curry

Curry Land: A Mecca in Tokyo for Japanese curry fans

A unique store filled with curries from around the country, featuring unusual local ingredients.

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Can you handle the heat? Japan’s one and only Curry College now enrolling new students

If you’re not good with spice, be sure to bring a gallon of milk with you to class. Read More

Curry Bread Cider: A drink with an unforgettable aftertaste【Taste Test】

Sure we love Japanese Curry Pan, but do we love to drink it?

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Mt Fuji Curry Bread: Worthy of the award and the long waiting list?

Curry breads so popular it took us two months to get our hands on them.

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Survey ranks the most popular Japanese curry dishes during winter

We all love Japanese curry, but what’s the most popular way to serve it this season?

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We mixed 43 different kinds of Japanese curry together to make The King of Curries

Because 40 kinds just wasn’t enough.

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McDonald’s releases Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets, but do they taste Japanese?

Panko-covered nuggs appear to be missing one vital element.

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What’s the best spoon for Japanese curry?【Photos】

Testing Japan’s curry spoons to see if they live up to the hype.

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What do Indian people think of Japanese curry? We investigate with the power of Pikachu

How will this instant curry fare in India, the country with some of the best curry in the world?

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How to use leftover Japanese curry: We test out a recipe for curry bread quiche【SoraKitchen】

Tips for an easy take on a popular home-cooked meal to try while social distancing at home.

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