New line from anime-inspired fashion design house comes as anime movie series approaches its climax.

The upcoming two-part Sailor Moon Cosmos theatrical anime is, technically, a story that’s been told before. Part of the series’ ongoing animated remake, Cosmos is a new adaptation of the Stars arc of the Sailor Moon manga, which previously served as the basis for the Sailor Stars portion of the ‘90s anime.

But even for fans who already know what’s going to happen, Cosmos is an exciting release with the potential to be one of the best-looking piece of Sailor Moon animation yet produced. And arriving at just about the same time is a new fashion collaboration with arguably the most beautiful Sailor Moon shoes ever seen.

The intricately designed footwear comes with a fancy name, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos Iconique Shoes Objet Pumps.

In addition to elegantly trailing ribbons, the shoes also have charms dangling from their straps, bearing the planetary protector emblem of their respective character.

All five of the Inner Senshi, Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus, are represented in the lineup, with their corresponding image colors leaving no doubt in fellow fans’ minds as to who you personally identify with.

▼ Multiple shades of blue for Sailor Mercury

▼ Red with purple ribbon for Sailor Mars, just like he in-anime outfit, contrasting against a burgundy shoe body.

▼ Some added earth tones for Sailor Jupiter, the only brunette Senshi

▼ And last, Sailor Venus

Aside from being colorful, the Sailor Moon pumps are decidedly dazzling in the light, as the finishes for both the shoe and heel have a reflective quality, as shown in the video here.

The collection comes courtesy of Osaka-based fashion company Mayla, the same label behind the jaw-dropping Violet Evergarden skirts we looked at last month. While those skirts would pair quite nicely with these shoes in an anime fashion ensemble, the Sailor Moon pumps are actually surprisingly versatile, judging from these preview photos.

▼ Charm close-ups

Mayla says one of the design goals was to create “shoes with 360-degree cuteness,” and that apparently applies to any axis you rotate them around, since on the bottom of the soles you’ll find Sailor Moon salutes too.

▼ Even the box is pretty.

The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos Iconique Shoes Objet Pumps are priced at 28,600 yen (US$212). Orders are open now and can be placed until July 11 here through the Mayla website. Oh, and if you’re looking for some merch that won’t hit our wallet quite as hard, don’t forget about the new Sailor Moon lifestyle products line from Japan’s favorite 300 yen store chain.

Source: Mayla via IT Media
Top image: Mayla
Insert images: Mayla (1, 2)
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