Three beautiful Hayao Miyazaki anime settings to visually connect your home to.

If you’re ever lucky enough to walk through the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, or if you’re extra-lucky enough to walk through Studio Ghibli itself, you might notice that some of the windows with the most beautiful views aren’t really windows at all. Instead, they’re what Ghibli’s artists call “window wall art,” illustrations hung on the walls that create the illusion of a window opening up to hand-drawn vistas that stirs feelings of comforting nostalgia and imaginative wanderlust.

It’s the sort of interior decoration that any Ghibli fan would want in their own home, and thankfully they’re available through the Ghibli Museum online shop, which has just expanded the lineup to cover three anime classics.

The first piece in the window wall art series to be offered to the general public recreates the view from the loft Kiki moves into in Kiki’s Delivery Service, with the cityscape of her new town sloping down towards the shore and the ocean stretching beyond to the horizon.

At 71.2 centimeters (28 inches) wide, the sense of scale it creates really makes it feel like a window out/into the world of a Studio Ghibli anime. Even more dynamic in size is the Howl’s Moving Castle window wall art, which measures 92 centimeters across. Here the view is from the window in Sophie’s room, with the titular mobile stronghold ambling across the foothills.

▼ For extra style points, you can decorate the area in front of the window wall art with some source material-appropriate knickknack, like these hats that would fit in perfectly at Sophie’s store.

The third piece of Ghibli window wall art, which just went on sale June 30, is the first in the series that’s vertically oriented. At 72.2 centimeters tall, that extra height gives you a more expansive view of the sky and clouds above the azure Adriatic, with Porco Rosso’s Savoia S.21 seaplane flying past at the angle it would be seen by Gina as the lounge singer lounged in her suite at the Hotel Adriano.

The Kiki’s design is priced at 11,000 yen (US$81), Porco Rosso at 13,200, and Howl’s Moving Castle, being the largest of the three, at 14,850. All three can be ordered through the Ghibli Museum online shop here.

Source: Ghibli Museum online shop
Top image: Ghibli Museum online shop
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