We try pickling a mysterious fruit gifted to us by a man in the mountains【SoraKitchen】

These delicious pickles are hard to obtain, but even harder to stop eating! Read More

New pickled ginger drink takes ginger shots to a whole other level

Are you game enough to drink pickle juice? 

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“Hey, Japanese taxi driver, take us to the best bubuzuke in Kyoto!”

Our search for a regional specialty takes us to an amazing traditional restaurant.

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How to make epic umeboshi like a Japanese grandpa

92-year-old shares his recipe for making the best pickled plums. 

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Osaka man charged with spitting in front of same pickle shop for most of 2020

We all have our own ways to keep busy during the pandemic.

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Muji’s Nuka Paste for Pickling is perfect for making your own Japanese pickles at home

This is a must-have for tsukemono fans!

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Japan creates Umeboshi Pickled Plum and Takuan Pickled Radish colas to pair with rice dishes

The unusual new flavours are designed to go down well with traditional Japanese meals.

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Japanese cucumber glows in the dark, sparks concern from internet

One netizen in Japan created quite a pickle recently, after posting these photos online in an internet chat forum. The accompanying thread, titled “the pickled cucumbers my mum made are glowing in the dark”, caught the attention of hundreds of users, who began discussing possible causes for the mysterious luminescence. Speculation ranged from light-hearted banter, questioning whether the dawn of cognitive vegetables had finally arrived, to more serious concerns about radiation. What do you think caused the unique phenomenon?

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Tokyo restaurant’s awesome pickled avocados contain 30 years of flavor

Recently, we dined on a gigantic, gooey, and glorious cheeseburger. We were glad we did, but honestly, in one sitting we consumed enough beef to last us a week.

So for our next meal out we decided to head for the opposite end of the dining spectrum in both ambiance and ingredients, and headed to a different part of Tokyo to try their pickled avocados with a flavor that’s been over 30 years in the making.

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