Enjoy summer with these limited-edition flavors and products!

Starbucks Japan has been busy producing lots of tasty new drinks, including 47 new Frappuccinos, one for each of Japan’s prefectures, but they’re not stopping yet! In fact, they’re just about to release two new, limited-edition summery Frappuccino flavors that we can’t wait to try!

The Go Pineapple and Go Peach Frappuccinos are set to grace the Starbucks menu on August 4. The Go Pineapple (680 yen [USD$6.19], or 693 yen for dine-in) is actually the first Frappuccino drink to be flavored with pineapple. A juice-based drink made with pineapple puree, topped with whipped cream, and drizzled with a bright, sweet pineapple sauce, this Frappuccino is a pineapple lover’s dream!

Drinking the Go Peach Frappuccino (680 yen/693 yen for dine-in) is said to be almost like biting into a juicy, ripe peach. Made with a coarsely blended peach puree, it’s equal parts juicy and tender, with plenty of texture. It’s guaranteed to be ultimately refreshing, the perfect summer treat!

This summer Starbucks is also increasing its commitment to environmental sustainability by releasing its first-ever reusable Frappuccino cup, complete with a dome lid and all. It’s not any ordinary cup, either–it’s a color-changing cup! When filled with a cold liquid, colorful patterns appear on it, making it not only sustainable but pretty, too.

Plus, compared to other Starbucks tumblers, the Dome Lid Color Changing Reusable Cold Cup sells for the very reasonable price of just 385 yen. Its lightweight construction and large opening also mean it’s easy to carry around and clean, so you won’t regret taking it with you on all your Starbucks trips.

If you buy the reusable cup together with one of the new Frappuccinos, you can upgrade from a tall to a grande for free, but just remember that these cups, like the Go Pineapple and Go Peach Frappuccinos, are only around for the summer, so, as always, you’ll want to buy them sooner rather than later. The cups will be gone after August 31, and the Frappuccinos will disappear from the menus on September 21, so make sure you check them out before it’s too late!

Source: Starbucks via Entabe
Images: Starbucks

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