Ramen noodle maker wants us to sleep happy and full.

Some foods are energizing, and some are relaxing. Ramen, many people would say, falls into the latter category. After finishing off a bowl of noodles and broth, we’re always left with our stomach full, our body warm, and our heart and soul comforted, so it’s quite thoughtful of ramen noodle maker Marutai to have created a special ramen noodle-inspired blanket.

This unusual bit of bedding is not only shaped like a bunch of noodles, it even comes with a special cover, pictured on the right in the above photo, that looks like the packaging of Marutai’s popular Bo Ramen brand of noodles, as does the pillow that’s also part of the bundle.

▼ Bo Ramen

Actually, the last time we saw a blanket that looked like this, the designers were likening it to udon noodles. Marutai’s ramen blanket is made by Green Field, the Kyoto company behind the Udon for Sleeping blanket, but with some cosmetic adjustments to make it more evocative of ramen.

The reason for the unusual design is to give you flexibility in terms of how much warmth you want from the blanket by letting you stick your limbs out from under it wherever you please, and also to give you the reassuring squeezability of a huggy pillow.

On the other hand, if you prefer your ramen-related blankets to adhere to more orthodox construction while still looking unique, Marutai has also made a lap blanket with the graphics of its sara udon noodle packages.

▼ Sara udon

Neither of these unusual blankets is going on sale in normal stores, however. Instead they’re being offered as giveaway prizes, with 22 winners being chosen for each blanket, plus another 222 people eligible for a 1,111-yen (US$7.40) gift certificate for mobile payment app PayPay. To enter, you can purchase any Marutai noodle products, then upload a photo of your receipts to the official promotion website here between now and November 30. Applications for the PayPay credit require one Marutai item purchase, the lap blanket four, and the ramen noodle blanket eight. Ordinarily, we’d say that a giveaway requiring you to buy eight things is a lot, but let’s be honest: if you want a ramen blanket, you’re the kind of person who’s definitely going to be buying eight packs of ramen over the next two months anyway, so it’s almost like being able to enter for free.

Source: PR Times
Top image: YouTube/マルタイ
Insert images: PR Times
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