Many gamers in Japan are gearing up for the release of Dragon Quest Monsters 3: The Dark Prince. This spin-off of the classic RPG series with a Pokémonesque battle system is set to hit the Nintendo Switch on 1 December, and to help get the legions of fans in Japan ready for it, a group of slime baked goods appears!

Lawson’s own spin-off convenience store with a Daisoesque sales system, Lawson Store 100, will be selling a line of items based on the series’ adorably iconic monster species, slime, from 15 November.

Three of the four items are forms of mushipan, which is a steamed cake. It’s one of those convenient coincidences where “mushi” is the Japanese word for “steamed,” but tends to be quite mushy anyway. These slime-themed mushipan may look a lot like the ones released a few years ago, but they’ve undergone some taste modifications since then.

First up is the classic blue-colored Slime Mushipan. In keeping with Japanese candy color-flavor symbolism, this is a ramune-flavored cake based on the tangy taste of lemon-lime soda. There’s also some ramune-flavored sweet bean paste on the inside for an added kick of flavor.

Then there’s the orange-colored She-Slime Mushipan which has a cake with the taste of mango that’s nicely complemented with some yogurt cream in the center.

The last version is the hearty Metal Slime Mushipan. Its grey hue is achieved by mixing black sesame which also gives the cake a nutty and slightly bitter flavor. This is balanced with a condensed milk cream in the center for a sharply sweet taste.

Last but not least we have the brand-new Slime Cornet. Rather than being based on a particular slime in the game series, this is a slime based on the standard Japanese baked good the cornet, which is a sweet bun shaped like a cone and stuffed with a large amount of cream.

It makes sense to merge one of these with a slime since they usually can get quite slimy if eaten without the proper care. That’s why the opening of cornets often have a sheet of clear plastic to prevent the cream from squishing out all over the place. And naturally the Slime Cornet sheets have cute little faces on them.

Unfortunately, unlike the game, these slime mushipan do not leave you with money once defeated but instead will cost 140 yen (US$0.92) to take on. The Slime Coronet is a slightly higher level and costs 160 yen ($1.06).

Each slime will vary in EXP in the form of calories, so be sure to check the nutritional information on the back of the package for more details. Fortunately, unlike the game, you shouldn’t have to grind so much to level up the old waistline with these slimes.

Source, images: PR Times
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