Will curry doughnuts become the next big fad in Japan? 

Delicious food that’s perfect for everyone’s tummy” is the slogan for the latest release from Japan’s leading doughnut chain, Mister Donut, but it’s a claim we’re slightly dubious about, seeing as it combines some weird ingredients not usually associated with the sweet snack.

The upcoming release sees two new flavours being added to the chain’s Zaku Mocchi Ring doughnut series, which debuted in June. This revolutionary new line uses a new manufacturing method to pipe two fillings into one doughnut, while separating them so each one stays contained within its own half of the ring.

This allows you to enjoy the fillings separately or together, and the fillings themselves are just as unusual, with the three offerings in June being Azuki & Whipped Cream, Beef Stew & Potato and Spicy Meat & Potato. Now, less than six months later, the two new flavours coming our way are…Mentaiko Potato & Egg and Curry & Egg. 

The Zaku Mocchi Ring Curry & Egg (pictured above) combines mellow curry and a mild egg salad within the doughnut, which is finished with a breadcrumb and parsley topping.

The Zaku Mocchi Ring Mentaiko Potato & Egg (pictured below) contains a spicy mentaiko (pollock roe) potato filling and a mild egg salad filling, while the doughnut itself is topped with breadcrumbs and paprika powder to finish.

According to the chain, the new savoury doughnuts are perfect for those times when you’re hungry and looking for a quick meal that’s heartier than just a sweet. Those with sweet tooths won’t miss out on enjoying the “zaku mocchi” (“crunchy chewy”) sensation, though, as the Zaku Mocchi Ring Azuki & Whip is returning to the menu, with two types of Hokkaido azuki bean paste in one half of the doughnut and whipped cream in the other, with a soybean sugar coating to finish.

The savoury doughnuts are priced at 280 yen (US$1.90) for takeout and 286 yen for eat-in, while the sweet doughnut is 270 yen for takeout and 275 yen for eat-in.

On sale at Mister Donut stores around Japan for a limited time from 6 December, you’ll want to try these with a sense of caution, because with “adult” chocolate doughnuts and an exclusive Pokémon range also on the menu at the moment, there are lots of guilty pleasures in store waiting to tempt you!

Source, images: PR Times
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