Anime twin sisters are here to mind your precious items…in two different ways. 

Studio Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki is a master when it comes to creating multi-layered storylines and multi-faceted characters, and one of the best displays of his prowess is with the characters of Yubaba and Zeniba in Spirited Away.

These identical twin sisters are almost polar opposites in terms of personality, with Yubaba being selfish, driven by money and power, and Zeniba being more generous, happy with the simple pleasures in life. In one scene, Zeniba even describes their relationship as being “two halves of one whole”, symbolising the conflicting sides of human nature that we all possess.

Whether you’re able to identify with one sister or the other — or both — there’s now a way to buy into their story, with a new duo of seal/pen stands from Studio Ghibli.

Called the Spirited Away Inkan and Pen Stand (“inkan” is a seal used to stamp official documents in place of a signature in Japan), the Yubaba version captures the moment when the proprietress of the bathhouse meets main character Chihiro in her office, staring at her with those large, penetrating eyes.

In front of her desk are the three kashiwa heads that plod around the room during the scene.

In front of Yubaba is a pile of papers, recalling the moment she sends one flying magically over to Chihiro, becoming her contract to work at the bathhouse, from which she lifts the main kanji characters of her name, Chihiro Ogino (“荻野千尋 “), leaving her with her new name, Sen (“千”).

The attention to detail on the product is incredibly impressive, with even the strands of hair in the character’s bun beautifully replicated.

The large pot beside Yubaba can be used to hold small items like hairpins, a lip balm or a hanko seal.

It stores pens as well, but you’ll want to be cautious when retrieving whatever you place in her pot, as you never know when Yubaba might erupt into a rage.

The Zeniba version recalls the scene when she’s visited by Chihiro and her companions, No Face, Mouse Boh and Haedori, at her house in the countryside.

In the scene, Zeniba teaches Chihiro’s companions to knit while colourful balls of wool surround them on the table.

Sadly, No Face and Haedori aren’t included in the stand, but we do have the adorable Boh keeping her company.

Like the Yubaba version, this one holds small items like a hanko seal or a pen, only this time it’s a barrel that’s doing the holding…

…and there’s less fear involved when retrieving your item from the kindly Zeniba.

The Seal and Pen stands are available at Donguri Kyowakoku stores and online, priced at 3,300 yen (US$21.78) each. They’ll look as good on your nightstand as they will on your office desk, especially when combined with the desktop Howl’s Moving Castle.

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