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Like most Americans of a particular age, afternoon showings of Sailor Moon and DBZ on Cartoon Network are what first piqued Michelle Hughes' interest in Japan. Following a mind-bendlingly rigorous course of Japanese language studies at The Ohio State University and many an afternoon spent being laughed at for her (temporarily) pathetic language skills by the adorable elementary school-aged Japanese children she tutored, Michelle has finally achieved the dream: translating and writing about the wild, wonderful, and occasionally wacky place that is Japan and its surrounding neighbors. An avid traveler, language enthusiast, poet, writer, reader, singer, runner, Pinterest addict, and eater - Michelle does it all and she occasionally writes about it on her personal blog My Rainbow Hearts. She also translates anime song lyrics as a hobby. Check out her "Japan Bucket List" board on Pinterest by searching for Sugoi Miro.

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Keeping your kitty cool this summer might be a little easier with this cat dish!

This popular product on Amazon could help you protect your precious pet from the summer heat.

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Pokémon Go at the American Embassy in Japan: A Police Officer Appears!

Uh, oh! Mr. Sato’s on a different kind of diplomatic mission…

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Who wore it better? LowCostCosplay takes on Overwatch’s Mercy and many more!

LowCostCosplay never fails to entertain with their creative interpretations of some of our favorite characters!

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Study and play with Pikachu-sensei in Yokohama!

Pokemon Go isn’t the only way to get in some quality fun time this summer…

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A major Nintendo Developer Tool update means it’s on like Donkey Kong for indie developers!

If you’ve ever been frustrated by a small mushroom man telling you for the 7th time that the person you’re looking for is in another castle, this news is for you!

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Wagakki Band’s newest video “Strong Fate” might just be the most epic one yet!

This one takes the cake, folks, but don’t take our word for it – check it out for yourself here!

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This classroom is not for kids: We went back in time at the elementary school pub!

Do you ever long for the simplicity and innocence of elementary school? If so, the Rokunen Yonkumi Pub is just the place to soothe your heart’s yearnings and stir up warm memories!

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