Z TOKYO is an all-new multimedia platform taking Tokyo culture to global heights. Stepping aside from the common stereotypes centering on Japanese culture, Z aims to report on the never-before-documented waves of creativity sweeping the capital city in a whole new innovative movement called ‘Neo Tokyo’. A blend of original articles and carefully selected contents, Z TOKYO is exposing an unknown side to the city to showcase generation Z’s driving force behind Tokyo’s up-and-coming cultural boom.

Neo Tokyo is going global.

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The charm of ‘ITABEYA’ is attracting tourists and otaku alike

As soon as you enter the room in this guesthouse in Tokyo’s Azabujuban district, you’re bombarded with a flurry of quirky otaku cuteness; a genre otherwise known as ‘moe-kei’. From the bed sheets, to the walls, and even splayed across the ceiling is a whole array of busty anime girls in all their cutesy glory.

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School girls lying sprawled out amongst scattered textbooks, the glimpse of a forbidden meeting underneath the cover of the hydrangea plants – these are just a few of photographer Keisuke Hasegawa’s compellingly provocative images that are engaging a powerful response.
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