Japanese teacher shares surprising reason why the kanji for crow has one less line than bird

Learn how to never mistake the two kanji ever again.

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Cheeky crows pluck panda’s fur to line their nests at Ueno Zoo, panda doesn’t seem to mind

Pandas have such a cute and innocent image. All they seem to do is sit around, eating bamboo and being adorable. (When they’re not beating the stuffing out of each other in panda Fight Club, that is). Recently at Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, sneaky crows have been documented abusing the panda’s easy-going nature by harvesting their fur to take home to line their nests!

Check out these adorable (and kinda of sad) pics and videos of a hapless panda being shamelessly robbed of its fur!

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Why, hello there, crow! How may I be of service?

In many Western cultures, the owl is often regarded as a symbol of wisdom. But when you stop to think about it, wouldn’t a more fitting bird for that title be the crow?

If you’re not convinced now, we’re pretty sure you will be after seeing what clever strategy this particular crow uses to crack open an acorn! 

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Areas in Japan’s Ibaraki Prefecture working to protect custom of eating crow

Although apparently so famously gross it earned its own idiom in English, there are some communities around Japan that have long felt when it comes to fowl, crow is the way to go. For example the crow dish above can be found at Espoir De Maison, a French restaurant in Chino City, Nagano.

Ibaraki residents such as hunter Shinya Senmatsu say that such wild animals which feed on natural vegetation have more pleasant and less smelly meat. It’s uncertain if that really applies to crows who are omnivorous scavengers, but the locals swear by its surprisingly “soft and sweet” taste, to quote a local veterinarian.

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