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Prime Minister calls on Japan to drink more milk

Ask not what your country can drink for you, but what you can drink for your country.

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Nintendo Celebrates Dairy Farmers on ‘Milk Day’ with 1-2-Switch Mini-Game

Nintendo is celebrating Japan’s hardworking dairy farmers on June 1, otherwise known as “Milk Day,” and what better way then inviting them to a large-scale match of 1-2-Switch’s Milking mini-game?

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We try the tomato, milk and lemon drink that Japan dared to produce

While doing a little shopping at her local Lawson Store 100 (a convenience store where everything is priced at around 100 yen), reporter Yumeno over at our sister site Pouch stumbled across a rather unusual drink from Tochigi Prefecture that we doubt many would be willing to drink without steeling their nerves first: “Tomato, milk and lemon blend.”

Seriously? Tomato, milk and lemon all mixed up together!? For the sake of science and because we love to laugh, our brave reporter grabbed a couple of cartons and brought them back to the office for a taste test.

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