Kuroshima, a remote, heart-shaped island in Okinawa where there are more cows than people

We visit a hidden gem in Okinawa that’s home to fewer than 250 people.

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Japanese teacher suspended for selling a lot of cows without telling the school

The man’s actions were udderly despicable.

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Drink like an ox, eat like a horse! Five Japanese idiomatic phrases to celebrate Year of the Ox

From the relatable to the amoo-sing, there’re idioms for Japanese language learners of all skill levels.

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Foreigners to blame for livestock theft, according to Japanese media

Spate of stolen pigs, cows and produce sparks fears in Japan, but the media is preoccupied with the nationality of the criminals.

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670 pigs have been stolen in Japan this summer, and thieves are stealing cows too

“It feels like our children were taken” says victim of rustlers’ crime spree.

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880-pound wagyu cow escapes from livestock auction in southern Japan

Prized Japanese Black is later found in a very unusual place.

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Nintendo Celebrates Dairy Farmers on ‘Milk Day’ with 1-2-Switch Mini-Game

Nintendo is celebrating Japan’s hardworking dairy farmers on June 1, otherwise known as “Milk Day,” and what better way then inviting them to a large-scale match of 1-2-Switch’s Milking mini-game?

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Cow herd gathers and mourns after fellow bull hit by a car in Hong Kong

With much of the world’s population being separated from the farming process these days, it’s easy for us to forget that the hamburger we just ate came from a living, breathing, thinking, and possibly even emotionally engaged cow.

Pictures and videos emerged in Hong Kong last week after a motorist struck a bull. While that is sad in itself, what gained media attention is that the rest of the bull’s herd gathered around to push him to safety and then mourn the tragedy. 

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Japanese coffee maker’s commercial is dark, milky, and udderly crazy 【Video】

Not everyone loves Japanese TV, but we have to admit that one thing it has going for it is absolutely bonkers commercials. You can find weird, unsettling, funny, emotional, or even just hilarious commercials the world over, but it sometimes seems that Japan has a particularly high concentration of them. Maybe there’s something in the coffee…

And speaking of coffee, Japanese coffee brand Blendy has produced one of the most bizarre commercials we’ve seen to date, mixing absurdist comedy with unsettling, dark undertones. Oh, and milk. Lots and lots of milk.

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‘Cows can marry’ and other fascinating bovine facts from India

You’ve heard about India’s sacred cow, the Mother of Civilization, a gift from God that has become a part of Indian iconography, religion and culture. The cow protection movement began in 1882, and ended the slaughter of the animals in what was then British India. The cow is revered because it is unique in that it offers five products to humans — milk, curds, ghee butter, urine and dung — all of which are useful to everyday life in India. In addition, the beast of burden has traditionally been used to help plow the fields and pull carts for transportation. If you’re one of those people who likes to dress up your dog, or cat, or buy them their own kotatsu, then we can only imagine what you’d do for a pet cow if you had one! You’ll have no problem understanding the high regard Indians place on the gentle bovines.

Because we at RocketNews24 love all animals, cows included (although some of us delight in their taste while others of us would rather give cow cuddles), we can totally understand the pampering, dressing up, and general all-round generosity the Indians heap upon their beloved cows. We just hope cats don’t catch on to any of this.

Just how far will Indians go to pamper their bovine friends? Glad you asked! Our bovine journalist is about to reveal some fascinating facts about cows in India.

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