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Highway “ghost” spooks YouTube viewers in Japan【Video】

The driver in this strange dashboard camera footage says it all: “Whaaaaaaaa?!”

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Dump truck miraculously saved from going off a bridge at the very last second 【Video】

Dashboard cam footage shows just how amazingly close to disaster the driver came.

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Japanese dashboard cam captures a curious case of police officer being totally wrong

The dashboard camera has become an almost essential car accessory in Russia. They are used as forms of sousveillance (cameras worn by the person or machine involved), additional evidence in court, and as a preventative measure against police corruption and insurance fraud. They have also led to some of the most breathtaking, unbelievable and crazy close calls, published on video sharing sites like YouTube.

It’s far less common to find a dashboard camera in Japan because most of the wild circumstances that are a normal part of everyday Russian driving just don’t exist here. That’s why it was very surprising to see footage from a Japanese dashboard camera go viral recently.

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