Otaku’s beloved anime-style doll kidnapped, maybe murdered by bird of prey at Japanese beach

Doll otaku community asks anyone with information to help reunite Sakura-chan with her owner, who’s loved her for more than 20 years.

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Fujisawa Enoshima Fireworks Festival results in one ton of garbage strewn on the beach

Shocked net users lament the beachside paradise littered with garbage–an uncommon occurrence in usually tidy Japan.  

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Seaside cafe in Enoshima serves pancakes topped with young anchovies

We thought we knew pancakes, but boy, were we wrong!

Our team prides itself on both seeking out and sampling good food, all in the name of science and hard-hitting journalism. Among our favorite treats are none other than heaping stacks of fluffy, buttery pancakes, which we’ve even adapted to bake in a Japanese rice cooker with epic results.

In other words, we thought we knew pretty much everything there is to know about the delicious comfort food, that is until one of our Japanese writers made an unexpected discovery–there’s a place in Japan that sells pancakes topped with baby anchovies!

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As we’ve seen before, many beaches across Japan are in dire need of a clean-up. It’s a major problem that requires a lot of time and effort to remedy. Of course it’s at times like these that we usually look to the adult entertainment industry for solutions.

Sure enough, like the social crusaders they are, the major masturbation aid brand Tenga has stepped up and is cooperating with environmental group Umi Sakura on the Umi Sakura Over-18 Trash Pick-Up.

The reason this event is restricted to adults is that for every bag of trash collected, volunteers are rewarded with a free Tenga pleasure device.

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New 3D aquarium show to let visitors experience a trip to the deep sea in Enoshima

Japanese aquariums are a pretty popular destination for families during the summer break in July and August. As a part of Enoshima Aquarium’s 10th anniversary celebration, it is putting on a show called “Night Aquarium” where 3D projection mapping will make it seem like visitors have traveled to the deepest parts of the ocean.

Beginning on July 20, the special show will use the aquarium as a backdrop during the evening and project moving images of sea life around the awestruck sightseers. Although other aquariums have given visitors a rather intimate look at deep-sea creatures, this is the first time an aquarium has use this projection mapping technology and is sure to draw big crowds.

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Must-try foods at Enoshima beach!

Enoshima is a popular summer beach front located just southwest of Tokyo in Kanagawa Prefecture. The area is well-known for numerous attractions around the island, its long stretch of sandy beach, great wind-surfing spots, and the quaint little tourist shops and restaurants along the walk to the water’s edge. Japanese vacationers and tourists alike come to this area because of it’s close proximity to the big city and coastal charm.

First-time travelers to Japan might not know, but over in the land of the rising sun, walking while eating food is considered a social faux paux. It may be the same in other countries across the world, but North Americans often find this aversion to eating on-the-go a bit surprising at first. But fear not because there’s an exception to every rule. Japan loves their food stands in the summer and bends the rules when it comes to deliciously portable fare like yakitori, takoyaki, and other festival food.

The walk to Enoshima beach and the island beyond is full of stands and small eateries, so feel free to pick up some dango on your way to the beach and munch with your companions! Here are some recommended stops for delicious take-away food to nibble during your vacation stroll.

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