sea creatures

Get this molting crab plushie from Felissimo for the sea creature fan in your life

Show off your appreciation for sea critters with these highly detailed toys!

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Dive into a galaxy of jellyfish with Ikebukuro Sunshine Aquarium’s new Jellyfish Panorama【Photos】

An exhibit so soothing that it can literally put you to sleep.

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Is it another creepy Japanese iPhone case? No, it’s a multicoloured hermaphrodite lobster!

You have to feel sorry for the uglier animals of this world. While kittens and bunnies inspire a universal chorus of “awwwwwww”, if you’re unlucky enough to be born a crustacean or insect, chances are people don’t think you’re so cute.

The Japanese spiny lobster, or Ise-ebi, is a bumpy, spooky-looking creature at the best of times. This one, which was caught off Tōshi-jima in Ise Bay this week, is a gynandromorph – one side of its body is male, the other half is female. Mainichi Shimbun reports that the creature is truly one in a million!

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