fan theories

The secret behind this mysterious Studio Ghibli x Pixar image

Anime studio gives us a closer look at the true story behind this illustration.

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Studio Ghibli reveals real reason why Jiji stops talking at the end of Kiki’s Delivery Service

Producer solves a mystery that’s puzzled fans of the anime film for decades.

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Haku is…Chihiro’s dead brother? Studio Ghibli fans blown away by Spirited Away theory

Now it all makes sense.

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Chilling Pokémon fan theory says Mimikyu is actually another Pocket Monster with a 19-year grudge

Could the most infamously blacklisted Pokémon of all time be hiding under that Pikachu costume?

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Fan theory suggests the Pokémon world has a super dark history 【Video】

When you think Pokémon, you tend to think cutesy creatures fist-fighting and zapping each other with lightning until one of the creatures is “knocked out.” Also, you may think of widespread, real-world epileptic seizures and perhaps the moral complications of a world in which the local fauna are pitted against each other in fighting leagues, used as slave labor and also happily eaten, despite their astonishing intelligence, but maybe that’s a story for another day.

What you probably don’t associate with the series is a devastating intercultural war that has wiped out nearly the entire adult population, yet there appears to be some rather compelling evidence that that’s exactly what happened in the Pokémon world directly before the adventures of the first game…

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