Pooping in supermarket checkout lands Kitakyushu man 300,000 yen fine

This might be a really gross start to a brighter future for the man.

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Tokyo Government considers fining people who knowingly go out when infected with COVID-19

Good news for people who say, “there ought to be a law.”

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Motorcycle cop caught on video applauded for doing his job by “not doing his job”【Video】

Your feelings about the following video will probably depend on your own experiences with police on the road, but the officer in the clip has received huge praise here in Japan for handling a potential traffic violation.

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Singapore to Fine Spammers $8,000 per E-mail Sent

Singapore, a country famous for its strict punishments for even minor crimes, again lived up to its reputation with a new law threatening a fine of 10,000 Singaporean Dollars (US$8,000) for every single unwanted e-mail sent for the purposes of solicitation otherwise known as spam.

What this will mean for the generic medicine and penis enhancement industries in Singapore remains to be seen.

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