Founder of Japanese supermarket chain arrested on charges of receiving prostitution revenue

Would you still shop here knowing what you know now?

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“I’m almost embarrassed by how good it is”: Our reporter really, really loves this fried rice

Think of this piece as our Japanese reporter’s love confession to this particular brand of frozen fried rice in honor of “Frozen Food Day.”

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Japanese supermarket’s recruitment ad is so stringent, it’s probably looking for a robot

Because no sane person would want to work in this environment.

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This mooing chicken-headed eel in the supermarket has a lot to teach us about Japan

Join us as we attempt to unravel the cultural enigma of the chicken-eel that goes “Mooooooo!!”

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W.T.F. Japan: Top 5 crazy things about Japanese supermarkets 【Weird Top Five】

The most plentiful item at a Japanese grocery store: insanity.

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Cans of Coca Cola wrapped and sealed in plastic containers leave us wondering “WHY?!”

The eyes can’t unsee this. Spotted in a Hong Kong supermarket were cans of Coke, individually wrapped and sealed in plastic containers. Despite consulting all the scientists we know, we can’t find a single explanation to warrant such an excessive use of unnecessary plastic packaging.

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What’s the best way to market sea food? Why, dress a mannequin in it, of course!

Advertising is a big part of any business. In order to sell your product, you have to make it look appealing to customers in order to tempt them into making a purchase, and thinking of new, creative ways to advertise your goods can get pretty tricky.

However, we’re quite torn over whether this Seaweed Mandiscovered at a grocery store in China – is a stroke of advertising genius, or just a creepy, half-assed attempt at it.

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Top tip for saving money in Japan: visit the supermarket just before closing time

Today we’re going to tell you a super special tip for getting the most out of your local supermarket here in Japan. It’s actually something pretty simple, but that you might not know about if you always go during the day.

You see, you should totally go to the supermarket just before closing time. Why? Because when it gets close to closing time they start to discount their food! 

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You can buy this huge sunfish at a supermarket in Japan

What looks like an alien laid out for experimentation is actually a sunfish up for sale at a supermarket in Japan. The sign next to it reads, “OK to touch, OK to photograph,” which gives us the impression that dozens of grubby little fingers have been run all up and down the body of that sunfish. That gray blob of a fish needed all the help it could get to appeal to people’s empty stomachs, and the addition of finger germs isn’t doing it any favors.

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China’s supermarket mannequin displays deserve their own fashion week

We’ve previously seen how creative the Chinese can get with their supermarket displays, but with Halloween just around the corner and no budget for a proper costume, it suddenly struck us, how about going dressed as a Chinese supermarket display mannequin? They’re low-cost, tailored to fit, and will definitely attract conversation.

Just kidding.

Jokes aside, these displays require some serious handiwork! We’re starting to wonder if these supermarkets hired fashion designers to doll up their mannequins. 

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Supermarket rampage leaves 103 groceries in critical condition

A tragic scene unfolded in a supermarket in Kurashiki, Okayama last Thursday as 32-year-old Shinji Kuroki went on a mass poking and squishing rage inside. Details of the total damage are sketchy but we received reports that packs of meat had holes poked in them with a finger and loaves of bread have been seen lying on the ground, smashed in cold blood.

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39 awesome supermarket displays in China

Going to the supermarket can be such a bore. Aisle upon aisle of the same old items and humdrum displays showcasing lackluster products; we want something new! Well, if you find yourself in China, you just might get your wish. From adorable sheep made out of dishtowels, to fresh eels curved in the shape of a heart, to a huge military tank made out of colorful boxes, there’s something to impress everyone hiding in supermarkets across China.

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