ghost town

A creepy, unplanned visit to a Japanese ghost town…with ice cream!【Photos】

A trip to Kiyosato on “the train line closest to the heavens.”

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Typhoon Hagibis turns Tokyo into an eerie ghost town【Pics, Video】

In Akihabara, giant screens blared happy tunes to deserted streets as a life-threatening typhoon approached Japan.

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Japan’s third-largest city turns into a ghost town as G20 summit rolls into town【Photos, videos】

Osaka expressway emptied as world leaders gather in the city of millions.

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Powerful typhoon turns downtown Osaka into a ghost town【Photos】

As Typhoon Jebi approaches the downtown area, everyone else wants to get out of it.

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Google Maps Offers Rare Look Inside Abandoned Fukushima Town

Google Japan has announced that it is now possible for Google Maps users to access street view images of Namie, a coastal town in Fukushima that was severely affected by the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami before being completely evacuated when the nearby Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant went critical.

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