Bones of over 1,500 people found at Osaka Station area construction site

Before the area was known as Umekita, it was known as Umeda Grave.

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Over 2,000 people march in support of Black Lives Matter in Osaka

Turnout to two-hour march through downtown blew away expectations.

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Osaka store catering to menstrual goods has staff wear badges saying if they’re on their period

The ultimate store for feminine needs. Period.

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Taco Bell Osaka branches now selling okonomiyaki burritos, promise delicious fusion flavor

A tortilla stuffed with all the tasty trappings of okonomiyaki? Sign us up!

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Colorful custom Cup Noodles sold at Momofuku Noodle in Osaka with 2,145 different varieties

Join us as we sample Cup Noodles’ new custom-made and vegetable-themed soup shop.

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Powerful typhoon turns downtown Osaka into a ghost town【Photos】

As Typhoon Jebi approaches the downtown area, everyone else wants to get out of it.

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Take on Godzilla yourself in virtual reality at new attractions in Osaka and Tokyo

New VR Zone attraction lets you take on Godzilla in an attack chopper… Good luck with that.

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Upcoming escape game in Osaka pits players against Whity with only a 1% chance of success

Whity wants you dead and you must escape Osaka’s most complex shopping area after-hours to survive.

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Prepare for a “poopoopoo” picnic with Nintendo’s Kirby at Kiddyland this month

It’s hard to believe that our beloved, voracious powderpuff Kirby is over 20 years old now! “Born” in 1992 on the Nintendo Game Boy, the adorable little guy is actually a fully grown adult now, possibly with a driver’s license and, like, maybe even a family we don’t know about. We picture him holding down a boring office job somewhere in Tokyo, willing himself not to snap at his irritating boss and hoover him up (thus gaining his incredible powers of bureaucracy and micromanagement).

But, even though everybody’s favorite non-Jigglypuff pink ball creature is all grown up now, that doesn’t stop him from enjoying a good picnic!

A Poopoopoo picnic, to be exact.

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