Tokyo Tower lights up with hope in first-ever event celebrating Chinese New Year

It’s the first time in the tower’s history for such an event to happen.

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2020 Tokyo Olympic torch relay to tour all 47 prefectures of Japan starting from Fukushima

Will this flame of hope light the way for those still recovering from the Tohoku earthquake?

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Wheelchair design is like riding a bike, can be pedaled by those unable to walk

With a little re-branding and a helping “leg” from technology, this wheelchair is ready for the 21st century.

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Rare and empty pack of smokes now selling on Yahoo! Japan Auction for $300,000

Ever since 2005, the Japanese government has mandated that at least 30 percent of a tobacco product’s warning label contain a written warning about the hazards of smoking. Even prior to that in 1990, there was a mandatory warning written along the side of packs which read, “Warning: too much smoking is a risk to your health.”

In fact we have to go way back to before 1972 until we can find Japanese cigarettes without a warning label. One such pack is currently under the virtual hammer of Yahoo! Japan Auction with bids starting at 30,000,000 yen (US$296,000). Appropriately, the name of this brand of cigarettes is Hope.

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