iPhone 5

We road test the new Digital Image Stabilization on the iPhone 6 Plus – with a vibrator

Apple iPhone releases have been known to make people do crazy things. Whether it’s dressing as a blue slime and sleeping on the street for days or using your nipple to unlock your phone, there’s a sense of excitement and ceremony surrounding each new model that makes us want to push the boundaries and just have fun.

The latest release on the weekend was no different, and in our excitement to test out the much-anticipated ‘Digital Image Stabilization’ (DIS) on the iPhone 6, it seemed entirely sensible to line up two different models side-by-side and give them both a good shake. And how better to do that than by strapping them onto a vibrator?

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Beef Up Your iPhone With This Iron Man Mark VII Armor Case

Crank up the Black Sabbath to 11 and bust out your iPhone, this one’s for all you Iron Man fans out there.

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This Bubble Wrap iPhone Case Will Keep You Satisfied 365 Days a Year

If you’re one of those people who just can’t get enough of popping bubble wrap, you may want to steers clear of this iPhone 5 case from Japanese mobile phone accessory experts Strapya. As well as keeping your smart phone safe from everyday bumps and scratches, it also provides the user with row after row of never-ending bubbles to be “popped”.

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iPhone iOS6 Map Takes Our Reporter on a Quest for the Pachinko Gundam Train Station

Apple users from all over the world have been discovering new and exciting destinations and brand new locations of well known landmarks thanks to iPhone’s newest iOS 6 mapping service.  The Washington monument has been moved a few miles away and is now near the Potomac River, London is currently located in Ontario, and the birth place of Shakespeare, Stratford-upon-Avon, no longer exists.  Also, Helsinki station is now a park and Airfield Garden, once a working farm in Ireland, has been transformed into an airport.

Japan, just like the rest of the world, is not immune to Apple’s amazing ability to destroy beloved landmarks and erect fabulous new destinations.

Checking out the iOS6 operating system’s new map, our reporter discovered a new station on Tokyo’s busiest train line, the Chuo Line.  Filled with excitement and curiosity, our reporter embarked on a quest in search of “Pachinko Gundam Station.”

Pachinko, Japan’s noisy silver ball-filled answer to the slot machine, and Gundam, kickass giant robot, have teamed up to create an epic train riding experience (or so we were led to believe by Apple). Read More

iPhone 5 Cosplayer Waits in Line All Night at the Apple Store, Doesn’t Buy iPhone 5

Apple stores in Japan were the first to sell the iPhone 5 anywhere outside of the United States.  Many Japanese, eager to be one of the first in the world to get their hands on Apple’s hottest new product, began lining up on Sunday, five days before Apple stores were scheduled to start selling the iPhone 5 on September 21.  The line in Ginza, a popular up-scale shopping district in Tokyo, stretched several city blocks.  In Nagoya, 400 people were waiting in line at noon on Friday, four hours after iPhone 5 sales had begun.

Apple store employees and those waiting in line at the Apple store in Ginza enthusiastically counted down from ten to announce the beginning of iPhone 5 sales.  One man even sprayed beer into the crowd.  Amidst all of the excitement of the iPhone 5 sales, two iPhone 5 cosplayers were seen in the crowd. 

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