New Final Fantasy sake from “Black Dragon” brewery features awesome Yoshitaka Amano illustration

200-year-old sake brewery teams up with Final Fantasy’s legendary designer for a very special crossover.

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Japan launches new submarine amid fun-looking party and gives netizens funny feelings

On 31 October the newest submarine for the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) was launched into the water for the first time during a festive ceremony in Kobe.

The submarine, named Kukoryu (Black Dragon), is said to be state-of-the art and was built at a cost of 53.4 billion yen (US$540M) by Kawasaki Heavy Industries. It seems no cost was spared for the ceremony either which had streamers, balloons, and a bunch of other cool stuff I never got at my 10th birthday party and am still seeing a therapist to come to terms with…

I bet they had a magician there too.

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