Birth of new kusoge legend — Zelda wannabe has copied Zelda music, all-original crazy bugs【Vids】

Final Sword’s gameplay is suspiciously familiar and copied music got it pulled from Nintendo’s eShop, but its shoddy physics are brand-new, and hilarious.

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10 reasons real life is like a terrible kusoge video game

It might have been made into a board game, but here are 10 reasons why the game of life shouldn’t get a PC or console port.

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Ultimate “crap game” Takeshi’s Challenge coming to smartphones this summer!

Experience all of the fun and frustration – mostly frustration – of the classic Nintendo game with some added features.

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New Bases Loaded game coming to PS4, ability to bunt a home run may be intact

On 26 June, 1987, Moeru!! Puro Yakyu (Burn!! Pro Baseball!!) hit the Japanese gaming market and one year later came to North America as Bases Loaded. It was a revolutionary game at the time with new features such as a television camera viewpoint, the ability to make batters charge the mound, and a world in which Hawaii was given a major league team.

Now it’s back and possibly better than ever with a new Bases Loaded title announced for the PlayStation 4 in winter of 2015. However, despite the leap from the NES to PS4 technology, it appears that they intend to keep as much of the original game’s character intact as possible, and and means we may once again be able to hit home runs by bunting.

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