Lake Biwa

Suitcase with corpse inside washes up on shore of Japan’s largest lake

Local resident saw suitcase floating in the water days before it reached the shore.

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Kinki Gyarados! Japan’s central region gets its first Pokémon manhole covers

Gyarados makes a big splash even when showing up late to the Pokéfuta party.

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Black bass tempura?!? Our skeptical reporter tastes the invasive freshwater fish

Once upon a time, American black bass were transplanted into Japanese lakes. Years later, they’re invasive and no one eats them. Or do they…

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First, possibly most ironic, underwater ruins discovered in Japan’s largest lake

On 4 November, Ei Nakayama of The University of Shiga Prefecture made a historic announcement that eight man-made pillars had been found standing upright at the bottom of Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture.

Despite the country’s long history and relatively changeable landscape due to seismic and volcanic activity, this is actually the first time ruins have ever been found underwater in Japan.

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