Kinki Gyarados! Japan’s central region gets its first Pokémon manhole covers

Gyarados makes a big splash even when showing up late to the Pokéfuta party.

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Stinkiest sushi in the world is now an ice cream flavour in Japan

Is decayed fish still as pungent when it’s turned into sweet ice cream? 

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Smelliest sushi in Japan to become potato chip flavor

Finally, the great taste of decaying fish and rice in a potato chip!

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Residents of Karatsu City struggle to vote when two candidates have exactly the same name

It’s a tale of two city councilmen like no other.

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Crazy Japanese snow video shows that this winter is no joke in Shiga Prefecture【Video】

We sure hope that train’s heater is working.

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If this ad doesn’t make you want to visit Hikone, we don’t know what will 【Video】

Hikone Castle is celebrating its 410th anniversary in style.

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Man dies after participating in onigiri speed-eating contest in Japan

The incident occurred at a festival in Shiga Prefecture last week.

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First, possibly most ironic, underwater ruins discovered in Japan’s largest lake

On 4 November, Ei Nakayama of The University of Shiga Prefecture made a historic announcement that eight man-made pillars had been found standing upright at the bottom of Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture.

Despite the country’s long history and relatively changeable landscape due to seismic and volcanic activity, this is actually the first time ruins have ever been found underwater in Japan.

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Civilian home struck by bullet fired at nearby Japan Self-Defense Forces training ground

No matter what your job is, it’s important to be skilled with the tools of your particular trade. That’s especially true if those tools happen to be firearms, which is why being part of Japan’s police or Self-Defense Forces means you’re in for a lot of time on the firing range.

It seems at least one member of the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force needs a little more practice, though, since one of his shots missed the target he was aiming for and hit a civilian home instead.

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