lip gloss

“Kitten-milk scented” lip gloss promises to make you feel like you’ve just kissed a cat’s nose

Just in case bottled cat-forehead scent wasn’t enough!

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Coco Chanel Cafe in Tokyo is THE spot to test out the latest Chanel makeup product

Chanel is hosting a limited-time cafe in Ometesando, but you won’t just be ordering coffee here.

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In the name of your lips, Sailor Moon communicators will protect you!

They won’t help you talk with other Sailor Senshi, but your lips will look and feel fantastic.

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Kiss me~ Delicious edible lip gloss celebrating Barbie’s 55th birthday

Most girls growing up during the 80s and 90s in the States only wanted two things: the newest Barbie and the shiniest lip gloss. While make-believe scenes of Barbie sneaking out to kiss Ken happened at home, adolescent girls themselves never left the house without their favorite lip gloss. Parents could say no to lipstick and eyeliner, but lip gloss was OK. And what’s not too like about it? It smells so tasty and makes you want to lick your lips…again and again and again. Between Barbie and lip gloss, only one thing could have been better, edible lip gloss.

Lucky for us all, there is a candy store in Japan which specializes in palatable lip wear. And they’re teaming up with Mattel to celebrate Barbie’s 55th birthday with a few new products that combine the allure of Barbie with the fun of edible lip gloss.

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