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They won’t help you talk with other Sailor Senshi, but your lips will look and feel fantastic.

Premium Bandai is at it again with another product we can’t wait to throw our money at because it perfectly captures the essence of Sailor Moon and has the added bonus of being practical. Introducing the Sailor Moon Romance Communicator Lip Gloss!

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This set of five glosses is based on the Sailor Moon R Communicator watch that’s being released in gashapon machines now. Instead of a watch though, the inside holds exciting lip gloss in colors that are representative of the original five Sailor Moon warriors.

▼ Sailor Moon with the easy to accessorize pink.

lip gloss 3

▼ Sailor Mercury illuminates your lips with a transparent blue tone.

lip gloss 4

▼ Sailor Mars boldly commands an adult red color.

lip gloss 5

▼ Sailor Venus is the perfect clear orange color to moisten your lips.

lip gloss 6

▼ Sailor Jupiter’s green gives a natural and healthy sheen to your lips.

lip gloss 7

The set also includes a handy wrist band, so that you can easily show off your classy lip gloss, or pretend you are chatting with your world-saving friends. The five glosses plus the wrist band come to 6,372 yen (US$62.25) and can be pre-ordered from the Premium Bandai official website. The lip glosses will ship in September, so there’s only a short wait before we can rock that new look.

Source: Kai-You
Images: Premium Bandai