Dating simulator lets players know exact moment virtual girlfriends will disappear this summer

Enjoy your summer of love, LovePlus Every fans, because it’ll be your last.

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Japanese students learn English with help from a dating sim artist

Studying is much more exciting when you can imagine yourself dating one of the textbook characters.

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Dating simulator girlfriends reject human boyfriends’ kisses due to game/heartbreaking bug

LovePlus error turns fans into losers in the game of love.

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Dating simulator superfan takes romantic seaside getaway with bodysuit costume of his 2-D crush

For any guy with a romantic streak, the highlight of summer is no doubt a weekend getaway with the girl he loves. What could be better than a little sightseeing, a stroll on the beach, and a night spent together in a hotel?

But what if the girl you love happens to be a video game character? No problem! All you need is a life-size costume of your digital sweetheart and you’re all set, as this dedicated fan shows with his series of vacation photos starring one of the characters from dating simulator LovePlus.

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