Mao Zedong

We try Muji’s new “communist” suit【Photos】

Minimalist chic or Kim Jong-il cosplay?

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Uniqlo’s new “communist dictator” jacket has Japanese commenters confused and snickering【Photos】

Some say the fashion brand’s springtime outfit looks more like Kim Jong Il cosplay.

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120-foot golden Chairman Mao golem attacked by trolls, taken down

With all the information technology around these days, it’s getting harder and harder to build a gigantic gold statue in peace.

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Giant golden statue of Chairman Mao Zedong erected in the middle of nowhere in China

China, did you really think this one through?

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Start a horticultural revolution with gourds in the shape of Mao Zedong and more!

China certainly knows how to have fun with their vegetation. If they’re not putting panties on peaches, they’re growing gourds in the shape of various religious and political figures.

China has a long history of making art and figures out of gourds and more recently the process has been simplified so that any Joe Schmoe can make his own Jesus squash or garden full of dangling Mao Zedongs. All it takes are some molds and a good ol’ green thumb.

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The bittersweet life of a woman who looks just like Chairman Mao

Political impersonators have been making waves a bit recently. First we had Kim Jong-un sightings in Hong Kong that turned out to be the work of Kim Jong “Um” bearing a striking similarity to the North Korean leader.

Now we bring you the mimicry of China’s Yan Chen. This 57-year-old woman with a little make-up and hair adjustment is a dead-ringer for the founder of the People’s Republic of China, Mao Zedong. Although it’s a character she has embraced wholeheartedly, the position of communist leader impersonator also carries a heavy burden for Ms. Chen and her family.

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