Defying gravity: 24 pictures of people carrying way too much stuff on their bikes

Just a few hours ago, I marveled at my artist friend as she prepared to bike several miles home with a newly purchased serger machine strapped to her back. If I tried to do that, I’d definitely either lose my balance or crash into something, spilling my bag’s contents everywhere.

If that thought didn’t already make me feel inadequate enough about my own biking abilities, these photos of people from around the world riding overloaded motorcycles seemingly at ease certainly did!

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No Forklift Required! Taiwanese Truck Driver Shows His Stuff

It’s a question that’s plagued people for generations: How do I get a three-ton load of bamboo off the back of my truck with minimal effort? Well, the Taiwanese truck driver in the following video has developed a rather efficient method for dropping off his deliveries.
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Hilariously Overloaded Vehicles in China 【Photo Gallery】

As proven by these photos, the Chinese are masters of making a ridiculous amount of luggage fit on an impossibly small vehicle. Bicycles, tractors, motorcycles and trucks are pushed to their limits, filled way past their breaking point with every day items and even people precariously perched on top.

Some may call these overloaded vehicles a masterpiece. Others may think it’s safer and wiser to make multiple trips instead of taking the chance spilling the precious cargo. We can’t say for sure whether this packing technique is genius or folly, we just feel sorry for the poor sucker who gets stuck behind one of these things on a one-lane road.

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