Japan’s Ministry of Education hosts Twitter campaign to recruit teachers, it backfires right away

When the Ministry of Education said “pass the baton,” some folks threw it in the trash instead.

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Crushing workload at schools is causing more Japanese teachers to crumble from chronic depression

Teaching is merely one small facet of being a public school educator in Japan.

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Japanese teacher simply asks to be treated like a human being

Because working 16-hour days, every day with no overtime pay, does seem a bit much.

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Superwoman, or just crazy? This Japanese mother’s daily schedule seems almost inhuman

Ever felt like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done? Whether you’re working, a parent, a student, or all of the above, it can be tough trying to fit all the things that need to be done into your daily schedule. But after a Japanese magazine gave us a peek into the day of one Japanese working mother, we’re not sure whether to be in awe of all that she manages to accomplish, or to question her sanity.

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Stay out of Nagasaki if you want to go home on time: The most overworked prefectures in Japan

It’s well known around the world that many people in Japan are overworked. Long hours, overtime, working on the weekends; all of these less than ideal conditions can build up and create unhappy employees. But did you know that not all prefectures are equally overworked?

Japanese online job search site, Rikunavi Next, have ranked the 47 prefectures of Japan based on how many hours of overtime and how much compensation workers receive on average. How does your prefecture stack up?

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