Foreign workers respond to survey about changes they’d like to see in the Japanese workplace

The top requests for implementation would benefit not only foreign workers, but Japanese workers as well.

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Wage hell — Japanese office worker reveals soul-crushing past paycheck for 171 hours of overtime

No matter the era, it never feels like you can make enough.

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Japan’s “workstyle reforms” are actually making managers’ jobs a lot harder【Survey】

Less overtime for some workers means more for others if no one’s changing how much total work needs to be done.

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Is overtime work in Tokyo going to get worse thanks to the Olympics’ new last train schedules?

Tokyo’s last trains are too early for many travelers and partiers, but they’re a God-send for overworked office employees.

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Japanese man’s job is too busy for strawberry-picking date, super-sweet girlfriend saves the day

Boyfriend cancels date when he can’t get time off from work, but his awesome girlfriend figures out how to bring the strawberry patch to him.

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Japanese company trips – Workers “absolutely hate” them, so why do they still happen?

Your company is paying for you to take a pleasure trip! Awesome! You’ll be spending all weekend with your boss and coworkers! Not so awesome.

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Is this common Japanese phrase for “goodbye” the reason for Japan’s crazy overtime hours?

When you’re leaving the office before your coworkers, you don’t tell them “Sayonara,” you tell them “I’m being rude.”

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Japanese Twitter users are jealous of Christopher Robin’s soul-suckingly busy work schedule

The life of the stressed-out main character in the live-action Winnie the Pooh film is one of leisure compared to many Japanese adults’.

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Japanese government’s newest plan to fight overwork: Give employees Monday morning off

Shining Monday initiative sounds great for anyone who likes to party on Sunday night, or just would rather not be working on Monday morning.

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Tokyo companies’ late-night overtime habits exposed in time-lapse YouTube video channel【Videos】

In the busiest city in a country famous for working employees to death, Tokyo Workers hopes to help people find the work/life balance they desire.

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Twitter thread sparks debate on Japanese vs American sick leave policies, overwork culture

Should I stay or should I go? A Japanese employee shares some insight from his American boss about when to take time to recuperate.
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Japanese companies want to monitor employees working overtime using in-office flying drones

Developers say it’s a great way to improve employee health.

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Tokyo company plays Rocky theme for workers every day to cut overtime, boost productivity

Employees show increased ability to eat lightning, crap thunder, and actually go home on time.

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Twitter debate erupts over Japanese book that shows man with Asperger’s refusing to work overtime

Opposing sides of the discussion offer differing interpretations of illustrated example.

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Here’s why you should never take “almost no overtime” at face value when job hunting in Japan

Unless your definition of “almost none” is “enough to get a side job.” Then go right ahead.

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Chinese woman, 25, demands workers’ compensation, says “Overtime made me an old lady”

On November 18 a young woman was spotted on the streets of Shenzhen City in Guangdong, China carrying a sign which read: “Overnight and overtime work has made me into an old lady. Both my love and work lives are miserable. I request approval for workers’ compensation.”

It was an unusual yet straightforward demand that triggered debate and reflection on the state of working conditions in the country.

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Stay out of Nagasaki if you want to go home on time: The most overworked prefectures in Japan

It’s well known around the world that many people in Japan are overworked. Long hours, overtime, working on the weekends; all of these less than ideal conditions can build up and create unhappy employees. But did you know that not all prefectures are equally overworked?

Japanese online job search site, Rikunavi Next, have ranked the 47 prefectures of Japan based on how many hours of overtime and how much compensation workers receive on average. How does your prefecture stack up?

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Under 50% of Workers in Japan Received Full Payment for Overtime According to Labor Survey

As the world continues to change, countries like China have been experiencing overall improvements to their quality of life while traditionally more developed countries seem to be slipping in terms of job security and benefits.

According to a yearly study conducted by labor research groups and think tanks, only 46.9% of workers in Japan receive their overtime in full. This is a significant 8.9% lower from just a year before.

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“Japanese People are Never on Time.” Twitter Comment Starts Online Debate About Overtime in Japanese Workplaces

In Japan, if you aren’t ten minutes early to an event, you are late.

Planning parties was especially difficult when I studied abroad in Japan.  If I told all of my friends to come to my apartment at 9pm, my Japanese friends would show up at around 8:55 (5 minutes late) and my American friends would roll in at around 9:45 (or whenever they felt like it).  To remedy this problem, I learned to tell my Japanese friends to come a half hour later than my American friends.  After that, everyone arrived to my parties at around the same time.

In the land where trains magically run on time every day and no one is ever late to work, you would think the world could agree that Japan has mastered the art of time management.

However, one Twitter user isn’t convinced of Japan’s ability to follow a time table.  The tweet in question was made by an Indonesian nurse who is working in Japan.  It reads, “Japanese people are never on time.  They are very strict when it comes to being late, but never stop working on time.”  

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