Add some ninja warrior cool to your wardrobe with the new Ninjacket from Japan

The team who brought us the samurai armour hoodie is back with a brand new outfit for all the shadow warriors out there.

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Carry your laptop inside your clothes with the new “Packable Parka” from Japan

Leave your bag at home and fill up the pockets of this denim hoodie with all your tech instead.

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Just like magic, Japanese Wizard Parka will transform you from mundane to mystic

With Halloween fast approaching, you may find yourself in the market for a cool costume. But if your cosplay activities are confined to strictly on and around October 31, you might not think it’s worth the time and effort to put together an outfit you’ll only wear once, since by the time next All Hallows’ Eve rolls around you might want to dress up as something else.

But now there’s a single piece of clothing that will let you enjoy a little Halloween fantasy while also being a viable fashion option for the reality of the rest of the year, with Japanese clothing brand Itemya’s Wizard Parka.

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