pay it forward

That time a stranger gave us money on a Japanese train

We’re still not quite sure why it happened. 

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Japanese restaurant lets generous customers pay for extra meals, needy customers eat for free

Celebrate the season of giving (and receiving!) all year round.

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Pay it forward and experience the kindness of strangers at Tokyo’s Karma Kitchen

Have you seen the movie Pay It Forward? The one where 11-year-old Trevor has an idea to change the world for the better by, rather than repaying a favour like a debt to the person who did you that favour (pay back), the idea is that you “pay it forward” by doing something for someone else just for the sake of it. In the movie, the result of paying it forward was a miraculous chain of giving.

As great as it seemed in the movie, in practical terms it’s difficult to pay it forward and know that the kindness is passed on. But a small restaurant in Tokyo has embraced the idea and allows customers to literally pay their kindness forward to the next guest. Our Japanese reporter headed over to Karma Kitchen to gave it a try!

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