Japan’s top sakura cherry blossom viewing spots littered with trash after hanami picnics

People in Japan are appalled at the piles of rubbish left behind by visitors this year.

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Japanese hanami lovers reveal the top ten things to bring on a cherry blossom viewing picnic

Enjoy a sakura party like an experienced local with these ten handy essentials.

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Edible Tableware: Tasty and Environmentaly Sound

Ever felt bad about the waste your picnic created?  All those paper and plastic plates, cups, and utensils piled up to a big mound of garbage when it’s all over.  If you could eat the bowl your potato salad came in, think of the waste you’d be keeping from the dump!

The strategy of “eat away” as opposed to “throw away” is ideal when taking into consideration the dire state of today’s environment.  A spokesperson from the producer of  Edible Tableware, Rice-design Co Ltd,  says that because disposable tableware is such an incredible waste of resources, using dried bread instead of trees makes a lot of sense.  People can appreciate the resources it takes to make disposable tableware while feeling  good about eating away what would litter the earth.  When it comes to saving the environment the little things add up to a big thing if enough people do it.  Imagine at your next picnic how impressed your friends will be!   Read More