Piranha Ramen arrives in Tokyo, and we try the intimidating noodle innovation【Taste test】

SoraNews24 goes face-to-face with fanged fish as food.

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Piranha Ramen is now a thing, and it’s coming to Japan for a limited time

Dubbed a world-first, this terrifying noodle dish is made with 100-percent piranha broth

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Try some piranha à la meunière at the Suma Aqualife Park in Kobe!

When you hear the word “piranha,” the image that comes to your mind may be of hordes of vicious fish with razor-sharp teeth stripping you down to your bones in a matter of minutes. But it seems the tables will be turned for a limited time at the Suma Aqualife Park in Kobe, where guests will have the chance to chow down on these predators from the Amazon. And as you can see from the picture, yes, the infamous carnivorous fish look ferocious even when they’ve been turned into a tasty French-style dish!

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We Try Fried Piranha, Even Dead and Cooked It’s Pretty Dangerous

Nara Kenko Land is a well-known spa here in Japan which offers pools, baths, massages, and exercise equipment.

However, for a limited time they are holding the “Big Amazon Mysterious Fish Exhibit” giving us a rare chance to eat the South American river’s fish, including the deadly piranha.

Suspicious that a health spa would offer edible piranhas, our lovely reporter Usagi went down to check it out and perhaps eat a fish that eats people.

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