You can now turn your smartphone into a Pokémon Pokédex thanks to Bandai【Photos】

Case gives your phone the look of iconic anime technology.

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Awesome Pokémon decorating idea: Turn your bathroom walls into a Pokédex!【Photos】

Relax your body and improve your Poké-knowledge at the same time.

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Nostalgic video combines Japanese Pokémon Rap with clips of Let’s Go! Pikachu buddy Pokémon

Learn all the Japanese names of the Kanto Pokémon while watching them all run around in the new game!

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Anonymous trainer completes Pokédex with 649 homemade Pokémon stamps

For almost 20 years, children and adults across the globe have set out into the tall grass to train so that someday they can claim the title of Pokémon Master. For some that means defeating the Elite Four. For others it means beating the snot out of Gary Oak. And for a smaller percentage of players, that means catching every single monster.

After almost a year and a half of hard work, one anonymous user on 2chan has carved out a true Pokémon legacy by creating handmade stamps of all 649 Pokémon to date. We’d say that this person has made quite a name for themselves, except for that we don’t know who they are! Keep reading for a look at the full stamp collection.

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