Seiko to release awesome sports watches inspired by popular Street Fighter V characters

Six different limited-edition models could be yours for just 51,700 yen (US$488.37) each!

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Watch Ryu from Street Fighter unleash a shoryuken combo on a Red Bull can in epic stop motion

Crumples it so easily, we don’t think there is going to be a round two.

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Epic Street Fighter comeback actually isn’t a comeback, but is something even more amazing【Vid】

Taking the concept of action movies and applying them to fighting games is an awesome new idea for e-sports professionals.

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Japanese comedy duo nail impressive reenactment of Street Fighter II battle【Video】

They’ve got your pow, bam, and hadoken packed with some good, ol’ fashioned laughs.

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The softest way to defeat your enemies: New plush hadokens are available for preorder!【Video】

We doubt there’s anyone who’s ever played (or even heard of) Street Fighter that hasn’t wished they could throw their own “hadoken” fireballs. Even if Ryu isn’t your favorite fighter, you have to admit, his special projectile move is nothing short of awesome. It looks awesome, sounds awesome, and is awesome to use!

While we still haven’t perfected our ki-energy-throwing technology, we do have good news for all you hadoken-lovers! You can now preorder this 12-inch plush hadoken to beat up all your enemies with, one soft projectile at a time!

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Turkish insurance commercial promises coverage from random acts of Ryu

By the time Street Fighter II hit the arcades the concept of getting a high score was almost completely obsolete. Still, millions of the game’s fans around the world couldn’t get enough of honing their martial arts skills on that hapless sedan for tons of meaningless points.

Someone at Turkish insurance company Anadolu Sigorta certainly felt that way too. So they took a moment to remind prospective clients that their cars are always in jeopardy – even from world warriors.

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