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The Top 10 Things Middle-Aged Japanese Men Say While Out Drinking That Make Their Coworkers Hate Them

After a hard day at work, many middle-aged Japanese salarymen love to go out for drinks at the local bar or izakaya. “But it’s no fun to go alone!” thinks the 45-year-old section chief. “Why not invite those young hotshots that entered the company earlier this year? Surely they’d love the chance to loosen neckties and enjoy some laid-back conversation with one of their seniors outside the workplace!”

Meanwhile, the young hotshots are thinking about how they can’t wait to go home and relax after another consecutive day of (unpaid) overtime—but oh wait, section chief wants to go out drinking again and turning his invitation down would show that I’m not a team player.

Such are the troubles of 20 and 30-year-old working men and women who are roped out to drinking with their middle-aged colleagues time and time again.

This generation gap was a popular enough topic for Nikkan Spa to conduct a survey of 200 20 and 30-year-old men and women as to what they found most irritating about drinking with their superiors in their 40s. 

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Heat on the Feet and a USB Stick That Can Cool Them Off!

In the cold of winter everyone knows how important it is to keep your feet warm.  Shouldn’t it stand that in the lingering heat of summer, cool feet are equally important? Of course, we can’t all go around barefooted, and in most societies business is conducted in shoes and socks.  Feet take the brunt of the heat when temperatures soar with humidity on a constant rise.  It can’t be helped because feet are most likely wrapped in socks and placed in shoes that keep out the air so that they are enveloped in humid heat.  Poor feet! 

The “USB Shoe Cooler,” a USB stick with attached tube sends cool air to the bottom of your feet, could be the answer that shoe-clad feet all over the world have been waiting for! Read More