World Heritage Site in Gunma struggling to crowdfund repair costs

A silk mill that generated an immeasurable amount of money for Japan, is not getting the favor returned.

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New clothing collection using upcycled meisen silk kimono aims to reweave modern culture

Pop-up stores in Gunma Prefecture will also showcase these fashion items that bridge the past and present.

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Gorgeous drinking bottles using kimono fabric now available with new designs and we want them all

Show off your love of Japanese culture in a stylish way with these beautiful tumblers!

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Lucky #18! Japan gets another UNESCO World Heritage site

Japanese people love visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites. Good thing there are plenty of sites in Japan for people to pilgrimage to–17 before this week started. With the addition of Mt. Fuji in 2013, World Heritage site “completionists” finally had a new location to travel to after two years of waiting.

Well, the list just got a little bit longer, as another site has officially been added to bring Japan’s UNESCO sites to a total of 18. Pack your bags, we’re heading to Gunma!

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